Bigum+Björge embodies the newly founded union of visual artist Anders Bigum and designer Gry Björge—their artistic visions are grounded in their shared passion for nature, a deep commitment to environmental sustainability, and an unwavering belief in the transformative power of art.
Anders Bigum is a Danish visual artist of Colombian descent. He brings a distinctive perspective to the collaboration. His ongoing artistic work explores interplay between reality and fiction, alternative photographic processes, experimental film making and manipulation of audio/visual live feeds—an embodiment of innovative spirit and boundary-pushing creativity.
Gry Björge is Danish designer based in Berlin. In 2013, she successfully completed her industrial design degree at the University of Fine Arts in Berlin. Her portfolio showcases a wide range of artistic expression, spanning sculpture, installation, painting, drawing, and textile art. One of her distinctive abilities is merging shapes, colours, and materials to create exceptional new objects. Her approach allows her to craft innovative and captivating pieces that ignites the imagination and leaves a lasting impression.
In their artistic collaboration, Bigum+Björge engage in an interdisciplinary dialog, that creates a unique artistic language. Their artworks resonate with the environment of the geographic location where they were created - channeling the voice of their natural surroundings and fostering a deeper connection with nature. ​​​​​​​
Artist CV: Bigum+Björge
2024 (August) City Shadows; Beings from directed landscapes - Silver Record Festival (Vaasa, Finland)
2024 (May) “Beings That Has No Name Does Not Exist” - Solo Exhibition at La Plataforma Contemporary Gallery, Barcelona, Spain 
2022 Artist residency – artistic research:  at AADK Spain (Blanca, Murcia,Spain) 
2022 Visual artist Anders Bigum and Designer Gry Björge founded the interdisciplinary artist duo Bigum+Björge ​​​​​​​
Artist CV: Anders Bigum 
2023 In Two Art - Traverse, photographic print + Confined, video Installation (Group Exhibition). Berlin, Germany. 
2022 Presentation of photobook project; “10 years of Centro Negra in Blanca”. Blanca, Murcia. Spain. 
2018 “But He Does Not Rule The Heavens”, Photo solo exhibition at Voodoo55. Berlin, Germany 
2016 “NooN” Dual Channel video installation at Fenomens Festival. Barcelona, Spain. 
2017 ”The Soldier and Void" experimental opera performance at Operatic 
2015 Mass Actions. Aarhus, Denmark. “Versus”. Video installation, 18591km / Muros por el mundo (Group Exhibition). Berlin 
2012 “Camera Obscura”. AADK Dissected at Mica Moca (Group Exhibition). Berlin, Germany. 
2011 “Untitled 01”. Video installation, AADK Unexpected (Group exhibition). Berlin, Germany. 
2008 “Bridge On A Wall”. Photographic Installation Galerie Tristesse deluxe 
2002 (Group exhibition). Berlin, Germany. "La lupa es transparente". Photographic Installation at Sala Noa as part of  BAC - Barcelona Arte Contemporáneo. Barcelona, Spain. 
2000 “Behind a Curtain of smoke” Photographic Installation, Mecal Short Film Festival, CCCB Barcelona. Spain 
1999 “Siluetas” Photographic Installation, Mecal Short Film Festival, CCCB 
1998 Barcelona. Spain "Move". Galley Tribu Bcn. Barcelona, Spain (Solo exhibition) 
Film Screenings 
2023 “Outrance” Short film screening at Brûital Furore. Berlin 
2021/22 “Epic Epidemic” Short film screening at 11 festivals in Berlin, Hongkong, Los Angeles + 8 more cities - due to Covid restrictions most festival screenings were held in an online format. 
2020 “Flâneuse” Short Film screening at Shortcutz. Berlin, Germany 
2019 “05:49” Short film screening at Bruital Furore Festival, MS Stubnitz. Hamburg, Germany. 
2017 “Ephemeral” Dance film screening at Fiver Screen Dance Festival. Logroño, Spain 
2014 “Outrance” Short film screening at Boddinale International Movie Festival, Berlin. 
Artist Residencies 
2023 Residency at Something Great / Schloss Mentin. Ruhner Berge, Germany 
2022 Residency at AADK Spain - winter / spring. Blanca, Murcia. 
2017 Residency at Sostrup Castle. Greenaa, Denmark 
2016 Residency with Troels Primdahl at “Centro Negra”. Blanca, Murcia. Spain 

Artist CV: Dipl. Des. Gry Björge 
2007 – 2013 UDK - Universität der Künste (University of Fine Arts,) Berlin, Germany Diploma in Industrial Design 
1999 – 2000 Aarhus Art School – Værkstedskolen 
1999 Krabbesholm Højskole – Kunstlinien 
1998 – 1999 Aarhus Art School – Grundskolen 
2021 OPEN/OCCUPY (Berlin) – My AI is a Soft Transformer artistic partnership with Mikala Hyldig Dal 
2015 Ventura Lambrate (Milano) – Union11 Design Exhibition Featured work: Maple Lamp 
2015 Ambiente Design Fair (Frankfurt) Featured work: Infini Modular Shelf
2024 Uferstudios (Berlin) – Prop/Costume -design, Performance: "ABC Ein Spiel Ohne Scherz" – collaboration with artist group Maternal Fantasies 
2023 Tummeltage (Berlin) – Gemeinsamwesen Suit design for performative workshop by artist Mikala Hyldig Dal 
2023 48h Neuköln (Berlin) – Alternatives Denkmal für Neuköln Design of Eye-Pad for artist Mikala Hyldig Dal 2021 Epic Epidemic – Short Film Poster for film by Anders Bigum and S.R. McCormick 2015 18591 km/Muros por el Mundo – Versus Suit design for video installation by artist Anders Bigum
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